ADI Training

Emblazon these words on your mind: Learning is more effective when it’s fun!

Since I qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor in 1986, I feel that with my experience and qualifications I am in the best position to help you to not just qualify in your new chosen profession, along with my expert training you will soon head-up one of the very best schools of motoring practices here in the UK.

As you can I have not only wanted to be just an ADI! I am constantly striving to be the most up-to-date professional not only in my chosen vocation but continue to earn due recognition from my fellow professionals. This is why you could do no better than choosing me and my training.

Appris Driver Training can help you be that instructor. But can you meet this standard? If you can, you can be assured of a happy future.

What you earn as an Approved Driving Instructor depends on several factors, and varies between individuals. For a start, lesson prices differ throughout the country, and many instructors choose to give around 35 to 40 hours of lessons a week.


Job Opportunity Scheme

At the end of the course, you can choose whether you want be placed at an established school or want to go it alone and set up your own business. It’s up to you

Our training programme is designed with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s three part exams. You take one test at time. Application for your second Test depends on passing the first and so on. The knowledge and skills needed to pass each test are relevant to the others. In other words, a good theoretical knowledge of driving will help your driving skills, which in turn will improve your teaching.

You can take the Part 1 test as many times as you need to, although nearly everyone passes first time.

You can make as many as three attempts at passing Parts 2 and 3. It is very important that you work with your Appris Driver Training to establish exactly when you are ready to take them. Your Appris Driver Training won’t let you take a test unless you have a really good chance at passing, which means that you have the very best chance of success. We’ll do all we can to help make sure you pass!


The Course

  • Four modules of self-assessment material for home study.
  • We give you progress assessments between each module.
  • We give you the necessary Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommended reference books.
  • You get days of classroom training to prepare you.
  • And there’s a mock tests to make absolutely sure you’re ready.

*Depending on test date availability and Course waiting times.

The Theory test

Takes place at a Driving Standards Agency examination centre, usually in a major town or city, and consists of

  • 100 multiple choice questions on subjects including:
  • Road procedure.
  • Car control.
  • Basic mechanical knowledge.
  • Highway Code.
  • Instruction techniques.
  • The subjects are arranged into 4 bands, each with an 80% pass mark.
  • The overall pass mark for Part 1 is 85%.
  • You are given one and a half hours to complete the test. This is generous – and most people finish early. And best of all, nearly all our students pass first time.

*Depending on test date availability and Course waiting times.


The Driving Test

  • Is a driving and eyesight test conducted by a Driving Standards Agency Supervising Examiner.
  • Can be conducted at a Test Centre local to your home. And is approximately one hour long.
  • You are expected to drive in a businesslike, disciplined manner along a varied route. and show your ability to manoeuvre and control the car safely.

The Instructional Test

  • is approximately 1 hour long, split into two stages, and consists of two role playing exercises
  • it takes place in-car
  • Your examiner will paint a word picture for you, describing what kind of pupil he or she will be role playing, for example what experience they have, you then teach the examiner whilst in the car. This test is designed to mirror a real life driving lesson. Most of our students find it very exciting and challenging.

Appris Driver Training Requirements

You must:

  • Satisfy all Driving Standards Agency requirements
  • Pass a DBS check
  • Undergo an assessment of your driving ability.

Our Training Consultants has a diploma in Driving Instruction and have had other relevant teacher training, as well as passing their own driving instruction training at very high grades.

In addition, most of our Training Consultants have passed the Cardington Special Test and are members of:

  • The Institute of Advanced Motorists – the Driving Instructors Association
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
  • the Motor Schools Association

We have given you a general overview of how to become a Driving Instructor and what it involves. If you still have questions, please feel free to telephone us on 0113 2680134.