I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well and a big thanks for all you have done for the driving industry. At this point it may be wise to point out that although not an ADI myself I am married to one and a partner in business.
This leads me to my main point for writing to you. My husband Sam (mentioned briefly above) has just successfully completed your fleet training course. It was a week which I am sure was a financial loss for yourselves due to cancellations etc and we both fully appreciated you letting him proceed with it. Not only did Sam gain valuable training and insight into the Fleet driving industry he also had a thoroughly enjoyable week.
I have, in recent years become more and more disillusioned with the ADI industry as a whole. If I had a pound for every time Sam has said “I don’t know why I bother” when he has returned from meetings then I would be sending you this note via postcard!
The point I am trying to make, is that following last week’s course, the old Sam, the one with enthusiasm for the industry, the one that wanted to make a difference, has returned!!!! Many many thanks to you for making this happen. I would like to pass on my personal thanks to Sroop.

Carol ADI

Thank you for all your help towards my Part 3 exam. I couldn’t have done it without you.


His insight to why he became an examiner was the challange and variety to work in all areas of our industry. This has given him an indepth understanding which in turn developed his adaptability as a trainer.


“Every training session, was very educational, each phone call or visit I made, I was made to feel welcome. The training and advice I received has been first class and will be valued for the rest of my career. I look forward to many happy years as an ADI and, with continued guidance and support, I am sure I will succeed. Thanks again.”


Many thanks for facilitating my attendance – Sroop was very welcoming and impressive in his delivery. A very useful and thought provoking experience.


This was a pleasure to attend; most enlightening and both trainers were nothing short of exemplary. They were not only 100% knowledgeable of their task; they imparted their information in a professional, interesting and easy to fallow manner: In short they were extremely clever AND humorous, and I hope they get to see this comment.


Both of the trainers engaged with everybody very well – Sroop in particular was excellent.


I found it really interesting and learnt a lot about driver/speed awareness. Sroop was very knowledgeable, friendly and projected a positive attitude towards awareness.

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